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Karen Wellington
Pink Ribbon
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The Noble Circle Project is a community of women, age 18 and over, who have been diagnosed with cancer at sometime during their lives. Their programming is designed to support women in their journey with cancer and to help them regain a sense of empowerment.

Pink Ribbon Good provides free direct services to those with breast and gynecological cancers throughout our service regions. We serve those with any stage of cancer. There are no age restrictions and no income restrictions.

Healthy Meals – Meals which target the nutrients a cancer patient needs, prepared by executive chefs and professionally delivered to your home

Housecleaning - All natural cleaning products and a lightweight vacuum 

Rides to Treatment – Provided by trained transportation specialists

Peer Support – Offering you the support you need in the community you are in 

Our mission is simple. We send women and families LIVING with breast cancer on special vacations, relaxing spa days, concerts and other FUN-ONLY activities. Since 2007 our recipients have traded in chemo chairs and canceled plans for sunrise hikes and hot air balloon rides. Whether they are enjoying a relaxing spa day with friends or skydiving in their hometown, over 1,000 recipients have said "YES" to KWF. And we're just getting started!

Gala of Hope Foundation intends to change the face of cancer in the Dayton region and serve as a financial resource for cancer patients, cancer treatment, and local cancer research.

Surviving Breast Cancer offers so much support for patients and caregivers alike including lifestyle and wellness classes, a podcast, meditations, weekly online meetings and so much more. 

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